FreedomPath Unveils New Dark Web Monitoring Service

MONTGOMERY, AL / ACCESSWIRE / December 1, 2022 / FreedomPath, a direct selling company offering a comprehensive and proprietary financial services platform designed to transform the economic lives of everyday people, has added dark web monitoring and protection to its portfolio of products and services.

"No matter how careful we are in safeguarding our personal and financial data, bad actors can steal our information from employers, retailers, social media, phishing, and any number of ingenious methods," noted Kevin Carroll, owner of the FreedomPath family of companies. "Our identity management platform not only crawls into the recesses of the dark web for evidence of identity theft, but it also provides recourse to minimize the damage and recoup losses."

FreedomPath members enter their name, telephone number, social security number and other personal identifiable credentials from everything from passports and drivers' licenses to medical and insurance data - anything that villains could exploit to steal money, open fraudulent accounts, or otherwise terrorize victims. The powerful FreedomPath monitoring continuously searches the dark web's chat rooms, black markets, hacker networks, and social media platforms for evidence of stolen data that match the user's information.

If the FreedomPath bot uncovers evidence that users' data has been compromised, they will receive an alert on their dashboard so they can act - cancelling credit cards, changing passwords, reviewing bank statements, etc. Like other full-service dark web monitors, FreedomPath assists subscribers in securing their funds and information if they lose their wallets. The company will aid in cancelling and replacing credit and debit cards, passports, traveler's checks and other documentation. In addition to helping replace stolen documents, FreedomPath also offers up to $1 million reimbursement for out-of-pocket losses resulting from identity theft.

It's like an insurance policy with zero deductible," Carroll said. "We pay you back for any costs associated with restoring your identity and repairing any damage caused. This includes the cost of obtaining replacement cards, of course, but we also make you whole by paying for additional travel expenses required, lost wages, family care costs, legal fees, and more. Having your data stolen is traumatic enough without the added burden of working through the red tape, time-consuming administrative tasks, and costly credit remediation process."

He emphasized that FreedomPath's dark web surveillance includes professional assistance in sorting out issues with the IRS, departments of motor vehicles, banks, courts, and other entities caused by the illegal use of client data to help users normalize their lives as quickly as possible.